Friday, October 21, 2011

Mummy Lantern

Thanks to Pinterest, I am invigorated with creativity. I found this idea on Pinterest, but it didn't come with good directions. So I headed to Walgreens and used some craft products I already had on hand. I think they turned out really well. Although the three year olds I intended to occupy these with were not as interested as the two of us Moms were, it was still fun for them to watch us. It was super easy and not at all messy, which is a BONUS for Preschool craft time.

First, I rounded up a few Mason jelly jars we had lying around in the garage. Any glass jar or small drinking glass will do. I am sure you could score a few from a trip to the Dollar Store. After my trip to Walgreens I had the mummy roll of gauze. This particular roll was 4" wide x 2.5 yards long. It was too wide for our small jars, so I cut it down the center to make (2) 2 inch wide strips from the 4 inch roll. For the small jar, I cut out (2) lengths of 24" pieces. It was plenty for three jars. I am usually very particular about keeping my cuts straight and clean, but for a mummy, I thought they would look better if cut a bit rough.
I found some dimensional adhesive dots in my craft box from a scrapbooking project. These are super sticky so I think they will do a good job of keeping the gauze in place. I have also seen craft glue and double sided tape used for the gauze in this project.

Starting at the bottom of the jar, I added the adhesive dot to the glass and tightly wrapped the gauze in an overlalpping pattern. The gauze did a good job of sticking to itself. I used two different pieces to make sure the entire glass jar was covered. Secure end of gauze at each end with adhesive dot or glue to be sure it stays in place.
Next, add googly eyes. I also had some self-adhesive sparkly foam circles from another project that I used as a background for the googly eyes. I used pieces of the adhesive dots to apply the eyes, but you could just use glue.

I also chose to use the battery operated tea lights inside the jars instead of real candles. My daughter tends to knock things over and I also didn't want to worry about blowing them out at night.

Ta-da! They are done! My daughter also added a nose to her Mummy, just cause she is silly.

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